April 18

College Visit



I went to Simpson College and I had the subject Music of the Arts. The college was pretty dope and the rooms were cool and everything but I am not at all interested in Music or Art so overall I was super bored, If you do like Music, Art, Music and Art then its perfect for you. The food was pretty good and they had one of those cool dishwasher conveyor belt thingies that takes your dishes down for you. The cups were pretty small though. I dont know what to write about so I’m just passing the time. Also the ice cream there a bunch of kids agreed that it tasted like alcohol, so crazy times. Mrs. Black was there and so was Mr. Johnson and Mr. Vanderpool I think. In MY opinion its cool for Musicy Arty Peeps but not for me. They also had some cool stuffed animals but not like a toy monkey im talking like a cheetah and something I forgot. ALSO THERE WAS A GIRAFFE SKELETON that came from Texas university or something. So I dont know what else to say but the more I say I dont know the more words ill have to fill this up and ok now im a couple over 200 so im good thanks.

November 13

Peeps Blog’s Commented On.

Steven is 11, loves legos and playing roblox and fnaf!

Tristan likes Football, swimming, and basketball!

Calob likes sports, reading, and video games!

Mackenzie is from Canada and is a vegetarian, she makes an interesting point of view from her own personal opinion on how vegetarianism works.

Tristan  enjoys going fast and hitting people.

bmuffin  enjoys video games, muffins, and mashed potatoes

Some guy enjoys automobiles, and reading

Marie Perez likes gardening and reading.

Jesther enjoys gardening and walking


November 13

Halloween Bruh…


Halloween originated from Ireland, United Kingdom, and Northern France.

Originally Halloween was meant to ward off the evil spirits on November 1st because it was considered the end of summer, happiness, and the bright sunny days. ¬†So they would please the spirits by making huge bonfires offering sweet treats. ¬†To protect themselves from the spirits they wore costumes to hide themselves and their spirits, I believe part of that reason was because if one of your ancestors or family members saw you they would haunt your soul. ¬†When Halloween infiltrated america (watch out for trump) they would sing, dance, tell ghost stories and myths as well as tell each others fortunes. ¬†Later on in America’s history the celebration became more about family and friend togetherness to celebrate this they would have parties for children and adults the children’s party’s borrowed from the old get together telling each other stories and myths.

November 11

Our Countries Food

imagesMy favorite food from America is PIZZA!!! ¬† I love pizza so much I eat it almost everyday (if possible). ¬†It’s been a part of our country since 1905! ¬†In fact, one of the first places that they sell pizza is still open and making pizza! Lombardi’s Pizza opened in 1905 in New York city. ¬† Pizza wasn’t necessarily originally from America, but it’s definitely a huge part of it now. Pizza originated from Italy, as did most of the dishes we have here today. ¬†Several Americans eat pizza for lunch, ¬†supper and even breakfast. ¬†They have all sorts of pizza. Breakfast, sausage, pepperoni, mac n cheese, bacon, ham and pineapple, taco, vegetarian, and last but not least cheese. ¬†Did you know pizza is in all 5 food groups? ¬†The crust covers the bread group, the cheese covers the dairy group, the sauce covers the veggie group, and some toppings cover the fruit and meats group. Most people say that pizza is unhealthy, but if eaten in moderation it is an excellent source of nutrition. ¬†Just remember pizza when thinking of somewhere to eat, sure its not necessarily¬†the healthiest choice but not the least either. ¬†Sure there’s several other foods in America such as burgers, fries or other things but my favorite will always be pizza.FileA1outof A1

November 10

Who’s Blogs I Commented on

Marie Perez is 55 years old and enjoys fitness, working out, and movies!
Were bffs now.

Jesthom is 50 years old and enjoys gardening and reading!

We arent friends she hit me with a tomato :(!

Cappoz Ziello enjoys walking and reading! He is also 50!

Hes like my stranger grandpa!